Twehous Construction has started on the rifle range

Therefore, all lower ranges on McHenry Ln are closed for firearms. Twehous Construction has started on the rifle range upgrades and we cannot have rounds going down range while they are working getting dirt from behind all the lower ranges. We will post the opening date of the lower ranges here.

Rifle Range Progress

This video will give our members some ideal of the progress being made by Twehous. The 50 yard line on the right and the 100/200 yard line left. They are blasting for berm material. Please be patient for the video to load as it has a large foot print. 3/1/3018

100/200 yard range progress


Rifle Range Update, January 2018

Members should receive a newsletter shortly giving details of the status of the rifle range. It will include new rifle range rules to help protect our members and neighbors.

Good news! We have hired a contractor to upgrade the rifle range. They will be placing berms at 50, 100, and 150 yards. Work should be starting very soon.

Please be on the lookout for construction equipment. Some of the lower ranges will have to be blocked off to protect the construction workers.

Thank you for your patience, we should have our rifle range up and running soon.