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The United Sportsmen’s Club is a members-only club and is incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation under the State of Missouri. The club is governed by an elected board of directors, president, vice-president, and secretary-treasurer.

The primary purpose of the United Sportsmen’s Club is to provide recreational facilities for its members, their families, and invited guests, to sponsor and promote good sportsmanship through proficiency in marksmanship of all forms and kinds, and to advocate and instruct safety in the practice of the same.

It is our further objective and purpose to forward the development of those characteristics of honesty, good fellowship, self-discipline, team play and self-reliance which are essential of good sportsmanship and the foundation of true patriotism.

The facilities:

The club grounds are protected by video surveillance and electric gate with keyed entry. The 126 acre private facility is abundant with wildlife including deer and turkey and includes:

  • The main club house
  • Trap and Skeet clubhouse with two lighted trap and skeet fields, a third trap field, and a patterning board.
  • Sporting Clays and Five-Stand Ranges
  • Indoor and outdoor archery ranges
  • 190 Yard Rifle Range
  • Pistol Range
  • Black Powder Range
  • Stocked Fishing lake


Details concerning each of the above areas are included under the appropriate tab on this Web site.

Club Officials:

Rick Spencer         President (and Archery Chairman)……………………..573-584-4939

Wayne Medley       Vice-President (and Youth Shooting Chairman)……573-821-6879

Tim Ripperger      Secretary-Treasurer…………………………………………573-301-9899

Kevin Battson       Black Powder Chairperson (Range Chairman)……573-659-3760

Mike Brune           Pistol Chairman (Board Member)………………………….573-496-3296

Jeff Cockerham    Sporting Clays Chairman …………………….………………573-291-4145

Randy Pierce          Lake Chairman (Board Member).…………………………..573-619-1548

Vern McGaffic      Trap and Skeet Chairman (Board Member)……………..573-634-7525

Larry J. Wilson

Dan Bernskoetter   (Board of Directors:)

Chris Byrd             (Board of Directors:)

Gregg Pearre       Youth Shooting (Board of Directors:)

Michael R. Brune (Board of Directors:)

Wayne Medley      (Board of Directors:)

Art Luebbering      (Board of Directors:)

Dave Scott             (Board of Directors:)

Troy Thurman        (Board of Directors:)

Todd Walters          (Pistol Chairman)

Terry Pollard           (Board of Directors:)

Lawrence Jenkins  Rifle Range Chairman

Tyler Wallace Building & Grounds

An annual meeting is held (in April)to update members on club initiatives and activities and to elect club officials

A Brief History of the United Sportsmen’s Club:

The United Sportsmen’s Club of Jefferson City, Missouri, was formally created on April 1, 1959, at a meeting of interested Jefferson City area sportsmen. One hundred and twenty-nine charter members formed the core of the original organization, which was described by newly-elected club president Dr. J. A. Ossman as “a club for all shooters”. “This club is for them”, he pointed out; “with a united sportsmen’s club, there is the advantage of strength in members and a common purpose”.

The club moved quickly to acquire land for grounds. By April 15, 1959, an option had been acquired on 126 acres of land west of the city, and plans were being finalized for skeet, trap, large bore, small bore, muzzle loader, pistol and archery ranges conforming to NRA, ASSA and ATA specifications.

The organization of a club representing such varied interests was supported by several previously separate local organizations, including the skeet and trap club organized by brothers Jim and Jerry Steppelman, both shooters of state-wide reputation. A pair of electric skeet traps was purchased that year from the Jefferson City Country Club for $85.00, and by the May 13, 1959, meeting membership had grown to one hundred and eighty-one.

1960 marked the year when the club grounds were opened to use for rifle and pistol training by the National Guard, and an annual spring barbecue was initiated. Construction was completed on a recreational lake. NRA chartering was completed in January of 1961 as the club passed the 300-member mark.

The period from 1964 to 1979 was characterized by steady development of the club facilities. Additions included a skeet and trap range house and a spacious main clubhouse with all facilities. A large barbecue pit and adjacent storage shed was constructed, and a pistol range enjoyed the addition of a storage building with covered firing points

The 1980’s brought in more club improvements: a covered archery range, a building and mover on the action pistol range, extended firing points on the standard pistol range and rifle range. Concrete firing points were added to many ranges. The early 1990’s welcomed additional berms to provide better protection to shooters and more range space. An indoor archery range was built as an extension to the existing clubhouse. The Black Powder range was extended to 100 yards.

Today the United Sportsmen’s Club proudly features two regulation skeet fields and three regulation trap fields, several superb, well equipped pistol ranges that include falling plates, barricades, and a mover, a covered black-powder range, a covered large bore rifle range with many bench rest points, two storage buildings and a pavilion, several smaller ranges that have yet to be fully developed. The club also includes a 3D walk-through archery range.  The club also features a sporting clays course for those looking for a special shotgun shooting challenge.

Many organized shooting and archery events are now hosted by the United Sportsmen’s Club. The club membership has grown to over 1600 members and continues to grow. Continuing improvements of facilities and activities contributes to the enjoyment by our members and invited guests. These improvements are made by the efforts of club volunteers without pay.