Pistol Range

Action Pistol Range


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Ammo Alley Shoot Dates


Informal Practice Matches: For USC Members only.

Every THURSDAY EVENING 5:00PM during daylight savings time. (April – October 2020) 

We usually pass around the hat and everyone pitches in a couple of dollars to help pay for targets and pasters. 

Pistol Range Updates: 8/25/2020

We are currently working on some upgrades at the Falling Plate range, adding some static reactive steel to the left of the plate rack, these steel targets will not have to be reset. The safe distance to shoot steel is 10 yards, we will have new yardage markers in the gravel.

We are also installing a new bulletin board at the Falling Plate & Steel Target Range on the right berm. Please stop by and take a look as rules and other information will be posted.

There will be a new 80′ culvert pipe installed and some ground work to improve drainage on the walking path between the Action Pistol Range and the Falling Plate & Steel Target range.

Todd Walters

Pistol Range Chairman

WORLD RECORD 1000 yard shot with a 9mm Hand Gun! | S&W 929 by Jerry Miculek