Rifle Range

Club Members who have attended the R.S.O. training class may obtain a gate key by contacting Lawrence Jenkins. Please do not accept a gate key if you do not wish to be scheduled for rifle range duty.


             John with his 1881 Marlin

New Rifle Range


Bobby waiting his turn


Must have Excel 2003 or later on your Computer

Purdy Prescription Calculator

Addition questions email Tony Purdy

Barrel Length (BL) = length of naked barrel from breach face to crowned muzzle.

Physical Length (PL) = length of barrel/tuner/slide combination from breach face to end of tuner or slide.

For standard H/H Tuner:

(BL/8 x 9) – 0.45″ = PL

PL – BL = Tuner Length

For H/H Tuner w/ J&J Slide:

(BL/8 x 11) – 0.45″ = PL

PL – BL – 6.125″ = Tuner Length

For H/H Tuner w/ Parallel Noodle:

(BL/2 x 3) – 0.45″ = PL

PL – BL – 9.125″ = Tuner Length

wind chart

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