Shoot Results

2016 3rd Annual Turkey Shoot Results

First Place honors go to Vern McGaffic with a 10 pound spiral ham and an overall score of 45/50:


 Second place goes to Bob Rehmeier who won a 15 pound turkey with a smashing victory during a sudden-death doubles shoot-off with Rob Hyder.


 Third place “ring-of-bologna” goes to Rob Hyder who proudly claimed the prize after a loss during the sudden death doubles shoot-off.


 Last but not least Nolan Sutthoff collects the 10 pound spiral ham prize for having a shot closest to the heart of Mr. Turkey.


 This is the target of our affection, Mr. Turkey:


The competition consisted of a round of American and a round of Wobble skeet for a total of 25 targets.  A fun time under the light of the beautiful full Blue Moon was had by all participants.